Tracking the position of a particle collision.

Rough guide:

  1. Create planes, one above the other, scale to 10 units square, and place in positive unit space.
  2. Select the top plan. Make it emit particles: Particles > Emit From Object >options (select “surface” as emitter type).
  3. Make particles and ground plane collide. Select the particles, Shift-select the plane, then select Particles > Make Collide.
  4. Select particlesShape, add CollisionU and CollisionV attributes. Set the lifespan attribute to LifespanPP only.
  5. Create a locator called loc.
  6. Create a dynamic expression with the code below.

float $colU = particleShape1.collisionU;
float $colV = particleShape1.collisionV;

if ($colU > 0) {
loc.translateX = ($colU*10);
loc.translateZ = ((1 – $colV) * 10);

Scene file.

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