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Maya particle instancing with real flow rain drops

Create animated instances geometry at a particle collision.

For my raindrop splash, I am using an animated sequence of geometry, created in realflow (70mb). The realflow bin sequence is a single node after it is imported to Maya, it needs to be converted (duplicated) to a sequence of Maya nodes, multiple nodes. Use the following MEL script to convert the bin to multiple nodes.

[c]//Select your realflow imported bin
string $bin[] = `ls-sl`;
//this is set up to to "convert" (duplicate) the bin from frame 1 – 100. Set the frame range that you want to convert below.
for( $index = 1; $index <= 100; $index++ )
currentTime $index;
select $bin[0];
select -cl ;

Now you should have a sequence of separate meshes, each representing a frame of your instanced animation. These will be loaded into the “particle instancer” to allow for animation at the point where each particle collides.

Create a collision event for your particle
1. Select particle and collision object and go to Menu : Particles > Make Collide
2. Set a particle collision event for your selected particle. Particles > Particle collision event editor. Set: event type to “emit”. Set: inherit to 0. Set: 1 particle emitted per collision. Set: Original Dies.
3.Press the create event button. A new particle object will be created.

Instance the geometry to the newly created particle.
1.Go to Menu>Particles > Instancer options
2. Load your sequence of separate meshes into the “Instanced Objects” section. Make sure that your particleShape is NOT loaded into the create instancer as an instanced object as it will try and instance itself.
3. Set: particle object to instance to : particleShape2 or whatever the particle object that was created by the collision event.
4. Select the newly created particle object shape. In the attribute editor, set: the lifespan of the particle to the duration of you splash object geometry sequence (number of individual nodes). The lifespan is in seconds…so you will need to do the math to get your frame count..