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Softbox Light MEL Script

This PyMEL (Python) script creates a rigged light and procedurally textured reflector card, simulating a studio style soft box light. The rig is intended to be used for reflection or IBL when rendering using Mental Ray in Maya.

Usage tip: Select the locator on the rig, called “softBoxLightControl”, to find attributes to control Color, Shadows, and light Intensity.

note: The easiest way to position the light, without affecting the “roll” orientation of the reflector card, is to position (translate) the locator in one plane (ex: the X Y plane) to set the distance from the subject and light angle, then rotate the top node (pick-walk up once) in the Y axis to set the “horizontal” orientation.

XPM icon for shelf item.

If you prefer, you can download the older MEL version of this script here.