Python, word count

A simple program that will count the words and sentences in a text file. Sightly modified version of the code I found on

# count lines, sentences, and words of a text file

# set all the counters to zero
lines, blanklines, sentences, words = 0, 0, 0, 0

# write the trs file
fname = "/path/filename.txt"

# read the file back in
textf = open(fname, "r")

# reads one line at a time
for line in textf:
#print line, # test
lines += 1

if line.startswith(‘\n’):
blanklines += 1
# assume that each sentence ends with . or ! or ?
# so simply count these characters
sentences += line.count(‘.’) + line.count(‘!’) + line.count(‘?’)

# create a list of words
# use None to split at any whitespace regardless of length
# so for instance double space counts as one space
tempwords = line.split(None)
#print tempwords # test

# word total count
words += len(tempwords)


print ‘-‘ * 50
print "Lines : ", lines
print "Blank lines: ", blanklines
print "Sentences : ", sentences
print "Words : ", words


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