Python import/export Maya keyframes script

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These are fairly rudimentary python scripts, to export keys from Maya and import them back into Maya. Creates a key at every frame. May be interesting to people learning Python.

Export Maya Keys

import maya.cmds as mc
# Select all nodes with keys to export
# Customize the path below so that it points to, or creates, the file where you want to store the keyframe data
myFileObject=open('/mydataDir/data.txt', 'w')
obs =
theData = []
minTime = mc.playbackOptions(query=True, minTime=True)
maxTime = mc.playbackOptions(query=True, maxTime=True)
attributes = ['translateX', 'translateY', 'translateZ', 'rotateX', 'rotateY', 'rotateZ', 'scaleX', 'scaleY', 'scaleZ', 'visibility']
for time in range(minTime -1, maxTime +1):
	count = 0
	for selection in obs:
		name = obs[count]
		count +=1
		for theAttribute in attributes:
			myAtF = mc.getAttr(selection + '.' + theAttribute)
			myAt = str(myAtF)
			myTime = str(time)
			theData.append(myAt + ' ' + myTime + ' ' + theAttribute + ' ' + name + ' \n')
for lines in theData:

Import Maya Keys
This will import keys to nodes which are named identically to the nodes that were selected when the keys were exported.

import maya.cmds as mc
# Customize the path below so that it points to the file where you have exported the keyframe data
myFileObject=open('/mydataDir/data.txt', 'r')
theLines = myFileObject.readlines()
count = 0
for line in theLines:
	theLine = theLines[count]
	theSplit = str.split(theLine)
	theValue = theSplit[0]
	theFrame = theSplit[1]
	theAttribute = theSplit[2]
	theName = theSplit[3]
	mc.setKeyframe( theName, v=float(theValue), at=theAttribute, t =float(theFrame))
	count +=1

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