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Add a processing applet to a blog post

Anyone know how to do this? HELP! 😀 I am trying to figure it out.

I want to do it specifically for WordPress, but any info would be welcome.

Here is the applet working at another url.



<APPLET name="sketch_oct28a" WIDTH="600" HEIGHT="400" archive="" standby="Loading Processing software…" codebase="" code="" mayscript="true" scriptable="true" image="" boxmessage="Loading Processing software…" boxcolor="#FFFFFF">
<IMG SRC="" WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="1" />

Apple Mac Pro Bluetooth issue solved

If you are using a Mac Pro with wireless Bluetooth devices, particularly a mouse, you may have noticed an annoying lag or stutter in the performance. I bought the Magic Mouse and a wireless keyboard to solve some ergonomic issues. Unfortunately, poor performance made the situation even worse. Now, after having fixed this problem, my wireless devices are working perfectly.

The problem seems to be poor reception from the Bluetooth unit that shipped with my Mac Pro. I solved this by installing a third party Bluetooth usb adapter. In order for the new usb Bluetooth to operate properly, I had to disable the original internal Bluetooth unit. The instructions to disable the Mac Pro’s Bluetooth are below:

Review the procedure for working on your Mac by downloading a manual here.

1. Turn off Mac Pro. Remove power cord. Remove case cover.
2. Remove the processor tray.


Mac Pro Processor Tray

3. Find the Bluetooth unit on the motherboard. It is located near the bottom, on the right hand side as you are looking into the case.


Mac Pro bluetooth unit

4. Remove the connector that connects the Bluetooth to the motherboard.


Mac Pro bluetooth connector

5. Replace processor tray, and close case.


bluetooth USB dongle

6. Install a usb Bluetooth adapter.

Above is the tiny IOGear USB 2.1 Bluetooth Micro Adapter GBU421, which seems to work well with my Mac.

Note: I am using an Intel based MacPro4,1, bought in 2009. If you are using an older Mac Pro, you may want to look at this article and this article, as I believe that the configuration is different.

Caveat: While I am fairly certain that the Mac Pro’s internal Bluetooth could use and antenna redesign, given that so many people are having this same issue, I was not able to completely resolve my issue until I moved the usb Bluetooth adapter up onto my Cinema display, which features usb ports, and is a bit closer to the wireless devices. When I placed the adapter on one of the Mac Pro’s USB ports, on the front of the tower, again the result was poor performance. This leads me to believe that there is some interference from my furniture as well.

Note: If you are using a Magic Mouse, Magic Prefs is a must. It greatly expands the functionality of the Magic Mouse.


SyntaxHighlighter plugin for WordPress

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved allows you to easily post syntax-highlighted code to your WordPress powered site. Download the plugin here.

Code is styled with what they call a “brush”. See a list of syntax brushes here.

[text collapse=”False”]
Ex: [c] code goes here [/c] for c code.

An example of C code, formatted and highlighted by the plugin.

/* sample C code */
#include <stdio.h>

printf ("SyntaxHighlighter Evolved for WordPress \n");
return 0;

Example of a Python script , formatted and highlighted by SyntaxHighlighter, using the Python brush.
# Measure some strings:
a = [‘cat’, ‘window’, ‘defenestrate’]
for x in a:
print x, len(x)

Example of a MEL script , formatted by SyntaxHighlighter, using the Plain Text brush, there is no MEL brush.
//random MEL script
string $myString = "some random MEL";
print ($myString +"\n");
print (size($myString));

Make Studio Lights MEL Script

Maya MEL script that some may find use useful. It’s called Make Studio Lights, and it does just that. It creates lights featuring procedurally textured reflection cards that simulate softbox and umbrella reflectors. These can work well in combination with indirect illumination in Mental Ray. I want to improve this, and will upgrade the script as I can.

Get the script.

A sample render scene.


See this link for a new version of the softbox light, the control is somewhat easier to use in this version.

See this link for a newer HDR image based version of this script. May have improved results and easier to control custom manipulator.