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Command + forward slash (apple), or control + forward slash will bring selected footage items into an open composition.

Command + option + forward slash (apple), or control + alt + forward slash will replace selected footage in the timeline with selected footage from the project panel.

Hit the asterisk key on the numeric keypad to add a layer marker to a selected layer at the current point in time.

Command/control + Y creates a new solid. Command/control + shift + Y opens solid settings.

Press the u key to reveal all key frames. Press uu to reveal all modified parameters.

To match the work area to a layer’s duration: select the layer, then type “ibon“. i sends the time indicator to the in point of the layer, b sends the in point of the work area to match the time indicator. o sends the time indicator to the outpoint of the layer, n sends the out point of the work area to the outpoint of the time indicator. Better yet use command+option+b to match the work area to the duration of all selected layers.

Use the bracket [] keys to move layers in/out to the time indicator. Option+bracket will crop the in/out points to the time indicator.

To go to the first or last frame of the work area, press Shift+Home or Shift+End.

Show only properties with keyframes or expressions: Press U

After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts

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